Buyer Beware
Domestic Bred Koi Fish

Sold in Branford, Granby, North Haven, Vernon, Walmart and at every Pet Store in Connecticut. All domestic fish are considered pet or pond quality. Most lack improper markings and lose color as they mature. The uninformed public is often lead to believe that they are purchasing Japanese fish but in reality they are buying inferior quality that is being passed off as true Japanese.

Baby Domestics

Adult Kikusui and Adult Shusui

Japanese Bred Koi Fish

The differences in Japanese fish are that they have been bred by masters for 100ís of years. The originators and first breeders of Koi Carp. It is easy to tell a true Japanese fish by just looking at it. The color is richer and develops over time. A certain pattern is designated to each type of Koi and holds true on that particular type. Its not a muddied pattern that you are not able to tell the type of Koi it actually is.

Baby Japanese Imported

Adult Kikusui and Adult Shusui