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Basic Instructions for using the Gallery

Q & A

How to locate a Koi by its name - Go to the Index and find the name of the koi you
are looking for and click its link or do a Search.

Depth of album pages - From the Main Page of the Gallery you will choose an Album to view.
By clicking on the photo it will bring up a new page that shows thumbnails of all the Koi in that group.
Click one of the thumbnails to take you to a larger view and information page about that Koi.
On this page there will be Micro thumbnails displayed so that you can easily navigate
through all the photos in that Group. 

Printing a Photo in the Gallery - You can only print a photo from a certain page.
To get to this page: First choose an Album, then once you are on the thumbnail page click
the thumbnail of the photo you want to print. Once the page opens to a full
view click that Image again. This brings up a separate window with features to print out photos.

Under Options at the top of the Gallery Page there are 5 links that are useful.
Each will be explained:

1. Index - By clicking this link it will bring up a page showing the names of all Koi varieties
in alphabetical order. Locate the Koi you wish to view and click the link.
It brings you to the correct Group Album that it is located in.
Once there you can see all the Koi within that group.

2. Glossary - The Glossary will help you with the meanings of some Terms that are used
within this Gallery.

3. Gallery Info - Will bring you to this page for Q & A on using the Gallery

4. View Slideshow - Click this link within an album for a slideshow. 
A new page will appear with a bar like this:

This bar gives you some options for setting up your own show.
Delay in Seconds - Click the Arrow to set how long an image will display before moving on
to the next one.
Order Of Photos - Click the Arrow for options on which direction the photos will display.
Size of Photos - Click the Arrow and choose how large a photo you would like to see. 
The view is nicest on size 640 x640.
Navigation Buttons - These buttons allow you to Stop, Pause, Go back one image and 
Show more information about the particular photo. When you are done viewing, 
Click Stop and it will take you back to the photo page. 

5. Search the Gallery - If you would like to do a search on the Gallery simply click
Advanced Search. It will open a new page. Here you can type in the name of a Koi
to search out all photos of that variety. By clicking on a photo that comes up it will
bring you to the album that it is in.

What does a Group Mean - The albums are set up by a Group name with the
Varieties of Koi located within them. Each Group has it own set of criteria of why a
certain variety falls within that group. Each Group will be explained below:

Asagi - Has its own Group as a variety and is Blue or Blue/Gray Koi often with Red on
belly and up to the lateral line, Scales edged in black giving a Netting pattern.
Bekko - A Koi that is two colors, the base color being white.
Shusui - Has its own Group as a variety and is the Doitsu version of the 
Asagi "Autumn Water".
Koromo - 
Goshiki - Has its own Group as a variety and is a 5 color Koi with an overlay that 
consists of white, yellow, red, blue and dark blue pigments.
Kohaku - Duel color Koi, White Koi with Red markings/patterns.
All Kohaku, including Doitsu, but excluding Tancho Kohaku & Kinginrin Kohaku, 
these fall in other Groups.
Sanke - Taisho Sanshoku "Sanke" A Tri-Colored Koi, White body with red and black 
markings. All Sanke, including Doitsu, but excluding Tancho Sanke & Kinginrin Sanke, 
these fall in other Groups.
Showa - Showa Sanshoku "Showa"-Tri-Colored Koi, Black Koi with Red markings 
and White markings. All Showa, including Doitsu, excluding Tancho Showa & Kinginrin 
Showa, these fall in other Groups.
Gin Rin & Kin Gin Rin - literally means golden silvery scales and refers to the sparkling
effect of the scales which appears golden over Hi and silver over white and sumi. It gives
an iridescence in individual scales rather than an over all metallic luster. Must have over 20
scales to be considered Gin Rin. There are four types of scales, namely Pearl, Ginrin, 
Beta-gin, Diamond Ginrin and Kado-gin. There are two Groups of Kin Gin Rin, see below.
Kin Gin Rin 1 - Only 3 varieties of Koi fall into this group, Kohaku, Sanke and Showa.
Kin Gin Rin 2 - All other varieties of Koi with Kin Gin Rin fall in this catagory.
Tancho - All Koi which have a single crown or red spot on the top of the head. This pattern 
can come in many shapes, round being the most desirable.
Kawarimono - A category for many types of koi that do not fit into a specific one listed. 
Also includes some  Doitsu.
Hikari Utsuri - Metallic Showa and Utsuri.
Utsurimono - "Utsuri"A Koi that is two colors the base color being black.
Hikari Muji - Metallic single color Koi Commonly know as Ogon and Matsubas.
Hikari Moyo - Metallic Multi-Colored Koi other than Showa and Utsuri.

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