Do Your Homework Before You Buy

 (Stop being Duped) All Koi owe their birthplace to Japan but today are also being bred in many countries. These countries include Japan, Indonesia, Israel, England, Poland the United States and many others. With over 200 years of experience Japan stands alone as the top producer of Koi. The United States would fall near the bottom of the list. While there are some people in this country working and trying hard to produce a decent Koi, many have jumped on to the wagon to just make a quick buck and not producing a quality or "Type" of correct Koi. The Koi that they are producing and calling Japanese take advantage of the person (’s) that are new to the hobby that make them believe they are purchasing Japanese Koi. What they have purchased is an American bred Koi whose ancestors came from Japan. These Koi being bred here and sold in retail outlets would be culls (Fish Discarded) in Japan. To better help you see the difference we have included a link to a video about Japanese Koi that we hope you will watch. This video was made by Sacramento Koi during a buying trip to Japan and it shows you what "Real Koi" True To Type, look like.

A little info about where some of the Koi sold in Connecticut comes from:

Koi Business/Location Supplier/Location
The Koi Keepers in Rocky Hill Japan
Comets to Koi in Northford Ct. Blue Ridge in North Carolina
Emmons in Simsbury Ct. Blue Ridge in North Carolina
Deitters Water Garden in North Haven Ct Blackwater Creek Koi Farms in Florida
Frinks in Newington Ct New England Koi in Massachusetts
Walmart & Most Pet Stores and Water Gardens
Segrest in Florida - Z from California
Blue Ridge in North Carolina

Final Thoughts: American Koi are not the same as Japanese Koi. They may have heritage from Japan but they are certainly not bred, culled and raised by the masters and that makes a big difference in quality and even longevity. If you hear the name Ghost or Skeleton Koi don’t walk…..Run……